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OMD2 Platform dedicated to HPC Optimization


OMD2 (MultiDisciplinary Distributed Optimization) is a national research project gathering several academics and industrial partners which aims at developing methods and tools to generalize the use of optimization on large scale engineering problems. Scilab is the chosen generic programming tool to gather the different developments in a unique optimization platform.

This platform integrates numerical algorithms dedicated to optimization and meta-modeling as well as technical algorithms for software integrations. Industrial test cases are used to validate theoretically and technically the platform. Those test cases include optimization of designs involving 3-D CFD computation in aerodynamics and hydrodynamics. The large computation times associated to those problems require the use of HPC and parallel computations. The platform is therefore connected to the middle-ware ProActive to manage the computational resources.

The presentation focusses on the different combination techniques for efficient and reliable optimizations that will be integrated in the platform.