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Grocer: Scilab Toolbox for Econometricians


Grocer is the Scilab toolbox for econometricians. Econometrics is a very lively branch of statistics devoted to economic questions and Grocer proposes most standard procedures of the field as well as some original features. Grocer has been written in Scilab because:

  • Scilab provides features for computing matrix;
  • Scilab has some optimization programs particularly useful in econometrics;
  • Scilab is very similar to the Gauss and Matlab software, this allows easy adaptation of many existing econometric programs;
  • Scilab offers a great programming flexibility;
  • and Scilab like Grocer is free and opensource.

Grocer is used by practitioners, researchers and students in various countries. Grocer offers a detailed documentation and a dedicated mail box. Grocer is regularly evolving and next version is planned for the second half of 2009. Grocer is available at Scilab toolboxes center and at: