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E4Coder on Scilab: State Machines simulation and GUI prototyping for Scilab 5.x

By Paolo Gai, Evidence Srl

In this presentation we will discuss and present the porting of E4Coder for Scilab 5.5.1. 

E4Coder is a Toolbox developed since 2011 providing simulation and code generation for discrete time designs. E4Coder includes :

  • E4CoderCG – an efficient embedded code generator for Bare Metal, ERIKA Enterprise/OSEK/VDX, Linux, RTAI, Windows targets
  • SMCube – an editor, simulator and code generator for parallel Finite State Machines
  • E4CoderGUI – an editor of GUI Panels allowing an easy GUI interaction and code generation for QT-based platforms (Linux, RTAI, Windows).

The presentation shows the integration of SMCube and E4CoderGUI, allowing for the first time the simulation of finite state machines on Scilab 5.x. A set of demos will be shown as well as potential usages of the Toolbox.


Finite State Machines (FSM), GUI Editor, E4Coder, Code Generation, Embedded systems 

[1] http://www.e4coder.com