Open source software for numerical computation

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Developed by the Scilab Enterprises R&D team or by the community, external modules can add functionalities to Scilab in several applications domains.

Modules developed by Scilab Enterprises:


LCC-Windows - LCC-win32 support for Scilab

MinGw - Dynamic link with MinGW for Scilab on Windows


CPGE - Dedicated Xcos blocks for preparatory classes for the grandes écoles

Module Lycée - Scilab for high schools


Metanet - Graph and Network toolbox


sciGPGPU - Gpu Computing for Scilab


DDE - Dynamic Data Exchange client for Scilab

Modbus - Modbus Interface


Quapro - Linear and Linear Quadratic Programming

Modeling and Control Tools

DACE - Scilab Kriging module

ATOMS (AuTomatic mOdules Management for Scilab) dedicated website lists all Scilab external modules which can bring you the functionality you need. Among the listed modules, those developed independently do not engage the responsibility of Scilab Enterprises.

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You want to develop your own external module?

Visit the External modules development page in the contribute section or ask Scilab Enterprises to develop it for you.

A module manager allows the user to find, install and update external modules easily, either automatically in a Scilab session by clicking on the menu bar on Applications>Module Manager – ATOMS (select the module you want and click on Install button) or via a dedicated website.