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Scilab Environment

Since Scilab 5.4.0, Scilab environment by default displays the following windows docked - console, files browser, variables browser and history browser.

Scilab environment


The text editor is integrated into Scilab. Il enables easy script edition with autocompletion, automatic indentation, code navigator, statement executing possibility and to manage multiple instances.


Variables Editor

The variables editor allows you to edit the values of matrices and view all or part of a Scilab variable. You can also copy / paste values from a spreadsheet or from another application.

Embedded Help

Scilab functions are detailed with examples of use to get started more easily with the possibility to execute example directly into Scilab/Xcos. Navigation is easy thanks to a help browser, links in between functions pages and within the given examples.



AutomaTic mOdules Management for Scilab), ATOMS allows the user, from his Scilab session, to download and automatically install external modules.