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Application Development

--> Graphical User Interface

--> Algorithms development

--> Data management

--> Application Programming Interface

Graphical User Interface

For Desktop application

Your final users won't need to master the development environnement of Scilab, they will access your application directly through a dedicated graphical user interface (GUI)

--> Consult the tutorial of Openeering

--> Consult the wiki and the online help 

// create a figure
h=uicontrol(f,'style','listbox', ...
'position', [10 10 150 160]);
// create a listbox
set(h, 'string', "item 1|item 2|item3");
// fill the list
set(h, 'value', [1 3]);
// select item 1 and 3 in the list
// close the figure

Algorithms development

--> With more than 2000 mathematical functions

--> With an integrated help, also available online

--> With an integrated editor Scinotes


Data management

Scilab provides facilities to manage data exchanges with external tools:

  • Advanced data structures and user-defined data types
//Open Excel file
[fd,SST,Sheetnames,Sheetpos] = xls_open(pwd()+"\dataFitRead.xls")

//Read first data sheet
[Value,TextInd] = xls_read(fd,Sheetpos(1))

Application Programming Interface (API)

Scilab provides APIs enabling to increase its native functionalities and tools to create your own modules and deploy them:

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