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Selected projects for 2018 edition

  • Machine learning features in Scilab : an autobiography (Soumitra AGARWAL)
    The project aims to enhance machine learning features in SCILAB, for SCILAB and by SCILAB. The main concentration would be to integrate deep learning functionality (Keras/TensorFlow) with a possibility of working on the data science usability as well (R/SAS integration).There are tits-bits here and there that would drive the developer pool towards SCILAB in the future. The project in itself draws inspiration from the GSoC project last year with the same header but is not necessarily an extension to it.
    Mentors: Aashay SINGHAL, Mandar DESHPANDE
  • MacOS 10.13 signed app (Divyanshu KUMAR)
    A proposal for MacOS signed applications with basically three agendas:
    1. To write a script that installs all the third party automatically, in short create a CLI that lets user know what dependency is lacking and installs them easily.
    2. Include JRE as a bundle with the application.
    3. Self sign the MacOS application and to automate this process with make install
    Mentors: Paul BIGNIER, Dhruv KHATTAR
  • Code quality (Nimish KAPOOR)
    The aim of this project is to improve the code quality of Scilab with the help of various Static Analysis Tools like Scan Coverity(Java and C/C++), Cppcheck, Valgrind(Dynamic Analysis tool) and Clang-Tidy (last three for C/C++) by fixing Java, JNI and C/C++ related errors.
    Mentors: Paul BIGNIER, Clément DAVID
  • Working Demo with Usage Docs for the Mex Module (Siddhartha GAIROLA)
    The aim of this project is to write a working Demo for the Matlab Mex modules present in Scilab. The Matlab MEX-Files is an API which is a wrapper on the current API Scilab. This would make it very easy to port existing Matlab Mex toolboxes into Scilab. A module - mexlib module already exists in Scilab which is compatible with the Matlab-Mex API. Currently the mex support for Scilab is good but there is a lack of a concrete demo. Thus, it is necessary to have a working demo for Mex within Scilab.
    Mentors: Clément DAVID, Dhruv KHATTAR