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For the 2010 edition, 9 projects have been selected and are divided into two categories:

  • Projects, which aim to result in development advances with new functionalities at the end of the program, directly enriching Scilab Code or as an ATOMS module.
  • Experimental projects which aims at giving the R&D team concrete clues and functional concepts of development on ambitious technical solutions.

Selected development projects

  • Extends Scilab UI Control
    Han Dong
    Extension of Scilab User Interface construction (uicontrol) by providing more elements (tree, image display, etc).
  • Simulink import in Xcos
    Jerzy Zagorski
    Importation of most of the Simulink schemas from Xcos.
  • Cumulative distribution function improvements
    Michael Zhang
    Improvement and extension of the current cumulative distribution functions (CFD) into Scilab.
  • Metanet and Boost.graph
    Balša Raičević
    Extension of the Metanet capabilities in term of graphs by Boost.graph
  • SOAP Client/server
    Artem Glebov
    Making available from Scilab both SOAP client and server capabilities as an ATOMS module.
  • Database module + fuzzySQL
    Igor Gridchyn
    Allow to access to most databases systems from Scilab. Based on this work, the FuzzySQL will be introduced, a SQL extension to allow flexible conditions in queries.
  • Python import
    Baozeng Ding
    Introduction of a mechanism to load and use Python code (objects in particular) from Scilab.

Experimental projects

  • Use Eigen into Scilab
    Joseph Fahnbulleh
    Base some components of the Scilab core code on the Eigen library which is a state-of-the-art C++ linear algebra library. This work will be a joint mentoring between Gaël Guennebaud from the Eigen team and Scilab R&D team.
  • Hybrid Automata module
    Ievgen Ivanov
    Provide a convenient environment for direct modeling of hybrid automata in Scilab/Xcos.