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Git Repository

Only the binary version available on must be used for production purpose. A compiled version from sources might encounter some issues fue to ongoing modifications or to dependancies.

To compile the sources, please refer to Scilab Wiki :

Feel free to give us any feedback about this development version on Scilab Bug Tracker or on developers mailing list ( Thank you in advance for your help and your time spent testing and using Scilab.

Download Scilab sources

If you already have Git installed, you can get the latest development version

  • via git protocol: 
    [$SHELL] git clone git://
  • or via http protocol: 
    [$SHELL] git clone

Remark: The git protocol gives better performance and reliability.

Web Access

If you just wish to browse around or download a few individual files, the best tool is the web-based Gitweb interface for Git or the cgit front-end.