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Below a list of resources which may help developers interested in contributing to Scilab.

To develop Scilab

Bug Tracker

All bug reports for releases or development versions and requests for evolution are managed with Bugzilla. Their statuses are available at:

Source Code Management

All Scilab sources are available using Git for reading (for everybody) and writing (for contributors). Source code can be browsed with gitweb or cgit web interfaces. Using gerrit, each Scilab code modification is reviewed and validated by a Scilab developer. This peer review has proved to greatly improve the quality of results, tests and documentations. 
All the review process is available at 

Code documentation

Some development documentation is available for Scilab internal code. This documentation is generated from Scilab sources using Doxygen and is available here:


Scilab uses Launchpad for Scilab localization, feel free to create an account and ask for integrating the project. For any questions, localization teams can be contacted on the localization mailing list.

Proposals for development

Scilab Enhancement Proposals (SEP) are a management procedure to encourage and facilitate Scilab development process. Via SEPs, Scilab users can directly send to the Scilab development mailing list their development ideas and detail them: functions improvements, features adding/removing, more efficient algorithms... SEP are also used by Scilab Enterprises R&D team to document evolutions of the language and functions.

To develop external modules

ATOMS Portal

This portal hosts and manages external modules. ATOMS also provides a packaging system which allows easy installation of these modules.


Scilab forge is a tool for external modules developers to help them in their development work. It provides numerous components to facilitate the development (bug tracker, SVN/GIT, wiki, etc).

To find documentation or to contribute to documentation


Scilab Online Help


An open Wiki is available for Scilab at: Feel free to add your own page or to improve existing pages contents about Scilab such as documentation, examples of use, compilation on a specific platform/OS...

To communicate

File Exchange

A website for Scilab community of users, dedicated to exchange files, script, data, experiences, etc. 


The Scilab IRC channel allows users to talk to someone online in real-time and is a key resource in the community.

Mailing Lists

Mailing lists have been created for Scilab users, developers and contributors so that they can exchange about Scilab, its use and the question they have about this software.