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Scilab Contributors

Outside Scilab Enterprises and former Scilab Consortium, many people contributed to the family 5 of Scilab. We are very grateful for all the work and the time they all spend to make Scilab a better software.

  • Vorona Aleksey
    Russian localization
  • Matthew Arsenault
    Add multiprecison computations, Google Summer of Code 2009
  • Jonathan Blanchard
    Misc patches for Solaris, Testing and binary of Scilab under Solaris
  • Jorge Eduardo Cardona
    Symbolic computing module, Google Summer of Code 2009
  • Yuri Chornoivan
    Ukrainian localization, Many patches fixing typos and English mistakes
  • Yann Collette [1]
    Genetic algorithm, Generic probabilistic meta-algorithm, Param/parameters module, French localization, Bug reports, Bug Fixes
  • Arnaud Dessein
    French localization
  • Calixte Denizet [1]
    LaTeX and MathML rendering capabilities in the Scilab Graphic, Improved graphic exports, Scinotes (Scilab editors), many key contributions
  • Markus Dittrich
    Misc patches for Gentoo
  • Baozeng Ding
    SWIG Module for Scilab, Google Summer of Code 2009
  • Han Dong [1]
    Various improvements in the uicontrol features
  • Bernard Dujardin [1]
    Improvements of Xcos documentation, French translation of Xcos documentation, many user-oriented improvements in the Xcos code
  • Rob Farmer
    Misc patches for FreeBSD
  • Andrea Florio
    Misc patches for Opensuse
  • Oriol Gonzalez
    Catalan localization
  • Emmanuel Goossaert
    Flexible implementation of advanced neural network capabilities, Google Summer of Code 2009
  • Tomasz Pawel Gajc
    Misc patches for Mandriva
  • Aurélien Gèrôme
    Misc patches for Debian & Ubuntu
  • Artem Glebov [1]
    Patches, Feedbacks and bug reports
  • Samuel Gougeon
    The world record of reported bugs on Scilab, Advice, Many feedbacks and Patches
  • Paul Griffiths [1]
    Patches for the Scilab Graphic exports, Patch on SciNotes, Patch on Scilab Graphic
  • Gérard Henry
    Misc patches for Solaris/Opensolaris
  • Rui Hirokawa
    Help translation in Japanese
  • Sébastien Jourdain from Artenum
    Scilab Console (Jrosetta)
  • Vinod Khare
    Rendering Scilab Graphism in VTK, Google Summer of Code 2009
  • Vincent Lejeune [1]
    Patches, Feedbacks & bug reports
  • Kirill Kirillov
    Russian localization
  • Christoph Korn
    Misc patches for Debian & Ubuntu
  • Yung-Jang Lee
    Management of non-UTF8 asian/russian charset internationalization, Modification of almost all the i/o functions in order to handle directory and file names containing UTF-8 characters, Traditional Chinese localization
  • Séverin Lemaignan
  • Chris Maes
    Improved support for solving systems of nonlinear equations, Google Summer of Code 2009
  • Dan McMahill 
    Patches for NetBSD
  • Olivier Mehani
    Advice, Patches
  • Armin Mohring
    German localization
  • Stéphane Mottelet [2]
    Advice, Bug reports, Misc patches for Mac OS X
  • Bruno Pinçon [2]
    UMFPACK interface, Bug reports, Bug fixes, Advice
  • Jacques-Deric Rouault [2]
    Bug reports
  • Jean-Sebastien Roy 
    Misc patches for FreeBSD
  • Daniel de Souza Grilo 
    Traduction of the help into Portugues do Brazil, Portugues do Brazil localization
  • Hiroshi Saito
    Japanese localization, Misc patches on localization issues
  • Enrico Segre [2]
    Bug reports, Bug fixes, Advice
  • Federico Vera
    Spanish localization
  • François Vogel [2]
    Bug reports, Bug fixes, Advice
  • Torsten Werner
    Misc patches for Debian & Ubuntu
  • Jeffrey Whitaker
    Misc patches for Mac OS X
  • Shiqi Yu
    Simplified Chinese localization

And many others...


[1] Present Scilab contributor with write permissions.
[2] Emeritus Scilab contributor