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Code Development

For minor modifications or documentation update or debug, there is no need to sign the Scilab Contribution Agreement. The patch can be submitted to the developers mailing list or posted as a comment added to the related bug report in the Scilab Bug Tracker. If relevant, Scilab R&D team will apply the patch in the current Scilab development version.

For more important modifications or to modify directly Scilab source code, Scilab Contribution Agreement signing is mandatory. Signing this agreement gives to the contributor a write access to Scilab source code using GIT with the following capabilities:

To become a Scilab Contributor

Please contact us at and explain what you want to do in Scilab, etc. We will send you necessary steps to follow and the legal documents to become an official Scilab Contributor.

Useful Link

Do not hesitate to consult the ideas of development for Scilab