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Scilab/Xcos to teach engineering sciences

A booklet has just been published to help teachers start with Scilab/Xcos in high schools and in higher education programs

Following the French reform of STIDD and the release of new programs for preparatory classes for the grandes écoles (CPGE), Scilab Enterprises, with the help of teachers, has just released an educational booklet to help start with Scilab/Xcos software in engineering science class teaching.


Many examples are available and all reproducible from the embedded demonstrations in Scilab:

  • Acausal multiphysical modeling with SIMM module,
  • Modeling and analysis of continuous-time systems with CPGE module
  • Motor acquisition and control, with Arduino module.

Download the booklet (only available in French)

livret_Xcos.pdf 7.24 MB


If you want a copy of the booklet, contact us at

The realization of this booklet was made possible thanks to the support of Inria

Scilab/Xcos to teach engineering sciences