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By Dr. Dirk Reusch (Kybernetik)


Coselica Toolbox provides 200+ basic Xcos Modelica blocks for acausal, i.e. component based physical, modeling of electrical, mechanical (1D-translational, 1D-rotational and 2D-planar) and thermodynamical (0/1D-heattransfer) systems.

Acausal modeling bears a number of advantages in comparison to causal modeling (using only conventional Xcos blocks). However, the best of both worlds can be exploited using interconnected, i.e. a mix of, causal and acausal models. Furthermore, even simple technical systems (e.g. a DC motor) cannot be covered solely by just one physical domain (e.g. mechanics). Usually, they resemble a coupling between different domains (e.g. electrics and mechanics). Coselica provides interconnections between its different physical domains. All in all a basic introduction by examples to the usage of Coselica Toolbox will be given and its limitations will be addressed.


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