Open source software for numerical computation

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LMCS 2014

LMCS conference (Modeling and scientific computing software) will take place on April 4 at EDF R&D in Chatou (Yvelines, France).

The purpose of this day is to make the participants benefit from modeling and simulation experiences in various fields using free or commercial software through conferences and moments of exchange.

Claude Gomez and Jocelyn Lanusse from Scilab Enterprises will present, during Modeling and deterministic simulation theme #2, "Scilab software and Modelica" at 11.50 A.M.


Scilab, free software for numerical computation, includes Xcos module, used for modeling and simulation of dynamic systems. Using the integrated Modelica compiler, it is now possible to use Modelica language in Xcos blocks in order to simulate physical systems. The future integration of OpenModelica in Xcos will remove the current compiler limits. Finally, demonstrations of Coselica external module which is based on Modelica language will be given.


More about the conference and registration (in French only)