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What's new in Scilab 5.5.0

Bruno Jofret, Scilab Enterprises

Highly anticipated Scilab 5.5.0 provides better management of interaction in general and in graphics in particular. Whether from the perspective of a developer or of an end user from the world of industry, Scilab 5.5.0 facilitates the development, deployment and implementation of business applications through extensive creation capabilities of user interfaces.

Discover Scilab 5.5.0 new functionalities in a live demonstration.

New extended functionalities for GUI creations and best rendering of user interfaces

New uicontrols to create tabs, advanced and fully customizable graphical interfaces (adding icons, creating borders, etc.), new objects positioning and resizing capabilities.

New graphics capabilities providing users with an optimized interaction

Display of images in true colors, management of lighting on 3-D graphics, new interactions on graphics enabling to edit graphics handles directly on figures using the mouse.

MPI capabilities

Disabled by default, to leave the user the ability to adapt Scilab to its environment, MPI (The Message Passing Interface) capabilities are available in Scilab source tree for High Performance Computation users.

And also

An interface to directly interact with Java external objects from Scilab, a dedicated module to read/write HDF5 files and datasets, and the ability to easily localize Scilab external modules.