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Scilab applied to energy consumption: measurement, simulation and energy bill cutting

By Jean-Pierre Bovée, Sanofi

Energy bill cutting is a rising a key target today for individuals as well as for large organizations. Setting up an energy bill cutting program involves 5 main steps:

  • Make an energy consumption assessment
    • Estimate equipment (Air Handling Units: AHU) individual consumption, using measurement as close as possible to actual sensors / actuators.
    • Investigate these results and identify obvious savings opportunity
      • Question tolerance values
      • Question setpoints mapping across site(s) versus products
  • Simulate equipment to determine other savings opportunities
    • Change variable setpoints (i.e. temperature, Relative Humidiy, …)
    • Enhance equipment (i.e. free cooling, motors efficieny, …) and rooms (i.e. insulation)
    • Improve control strategy (i.e. predictive control)
  • Further checking payback, implement selected opportunities
  • Measure actual savings versus expected ones.
  • Close the loop as needed.

For all of these steps Scilab delivers a powerful toolset, ranging from online measurement to consumption simulation.