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Installation of the modules

In order to install the modules usefull for teaching engineer's sciences, you need first to install the current version of Scilab on the homepage of the wesite(note that the module NIDAQ only works on Windows).

Once Scilab downloaded and installed, you need to add the extension module you want.

To do so, you need:

  • to be connected to the internet,
  • to lauch Scilab,
  • To click on Applications > Module manager - ATOMS in the Menu bar
  • For the module NIDAQ, select the category Data Acquisition, for the other modules Education, then the name of the module you wish to install
    The following type of window will appear:
  • Click on the buttonInstall.
  • Close Scilab en restart it. The module is installed

This operation needs to be done only once, from now on the module will load automatically on Scilab start. The update is realized following the same instructions and by clicking instead on the button Update.

Installation without internet connexion

The first thing to do is to download the module required (fer example GPGE module) on the website

You have the possibility to download the sources directly or most of the time a compiled version.

Then, type in the console:

--> atomsInstall("download_path\file_name_zip_")

Example : on Windows, if the module CPGE '' has been downloaded in E:\Donwload, we type the command:

--> atomsInstall("E:\Download\")