Open source software for numerical computation

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Scilab is mainly developed by Scilab Enterprises... but your participation is welcome !

Feel free to browse the "Useful links" on the right, and in particular report bugs that you may encounter.

Our quality process is also based on:

Code quality

  • Coding style is defined for all languages used in Scilab (C, C++, Java, XML, Scilab, Makefiles, ...)
  • Checkstyle is available for Java under Eclipse
  • Code must be documented (comments using Javadoc, Doygen, ...)

As in the case of new functionality implementation, each modification in Scilab code is reviewed and accepted by another developer.


  • Unit tests (~1300): each new functionality is only integrated if it has a corresponding test and this test execution runs properly under all Scilab supported platforms,
  • Non-regression tests (~1900): for each bug fix, a test is written to ensure its proper correction and prevent any future regression,
  • Code coverage tools are used to check the tests quality.

Binary version generation

  • Each commit into Scilab GIT repository launches a continuous integration process based on Jenkins,
  • Daily build of Scilab binary through a nightly build process executes all unitary tests and non-regression tests under all supported platforms,
  • Various compilers are supported (Visual Studio, Intel, GCC, Clang, ...).

Community-suggested functionalities 

Functionalities can be proposed by the community using the following process:

  • Specifications drafting: SEP (Scilab enhancement proposal),
  • Respect of Scilab coding style for development,
  • Writing of unitary tests are written,
  • Writing of corresponding help page.

The functionality is integrated only after being reviewed and validated by another developer.