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Release of Scilab 5.4.1

Scilab Enterprises is glad to announce that Scilab 5.4.1 is now available for download.


This release includes many bug fixes and performance improvements in Scilab graphics, enabling Scilab to display bigger data sets and improve the portability of Scilab on different graphic cards.

New commands have been added to launch SciNotes and Xcos directly from command line.

Xcos now includes new solvers for simulation:

  • LSodar: Automatically switches methods to efficiently solve both stiff and nonstiff problems. It includes a rootfinding feature.
  • Dormand-Prince 4(5) and Runge-Kutta 4(5): Fixed-size step solvers added to the CVode package, they also benefit from the rootfinding feature.
  • Implicit Runge-Kutta 4(5): Fixed-size step solver added to the CVode package to benefit from the CVode rootfinding feature.

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