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"ALEx" software presentation (Ariane Launches Exploitation)

By Jean-Louis Nicks, Cnes Paris

Ariane 5 is launched from six to seven times a year. During each flight, thousands of sensors record a huge amount of data (pressure, temperature, acceleration, etc.). The main goal of ALEx software is to automate measurement processing. It allows users to plot measurements data on graphs, to compare measurements data to specification limits, to compare flight by flight measurements, etc. One of the main features is the ability to create flight "families". A good example of flight "family" consists in gathering all single launch missions (knowing that Ariane 5 is generally operated for dual launch missions). Then, ALEx allows users to correlate measurements and families. ALEx is divided into several modules. Each module is linked to a dedicated technical area, which treats specific measurement in a specific way. For instance, the dynamic module treats acceleration measurements through shock spectrum analysis.