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Release of Scilab 5.5.0-beta 1

Scilab Enterprises is glad to announce that Scilab 5.5.0-beta1 is now available for download


Scilab 5.5.0-beta 1 includes new sets of functions:

  • HDF5 module allowing to read/write HDF5 files and datasets.
  • Java external objects interface to interact directly with Java objects from Scilab.
  • Function getURL to retrieve/read remote files through ftp:// or http:// protocols.
  • Possibility to translate Scilab external modules.
  • MPI capabilities available in Scilab source tree (not activated by default).
  • New erfi and dawson special functions.
  • New daskr solver in Scilab and Xcos.

New graphics features aiming at improving Scilab usability and capabilities have been integrated:

  • Improvements of Matplot function capabilities in order to display images in true colors.
  • Management of lighting on 3-D graphics.
  • New interactions on graphics enabling to edit graphics handles directly on figures using the mouse.
  • Datatips features rewritten as native Java code.

and also many bug fixes and documentation improvements.

This version is a test version submitted to Scilab Users community. Do not hesitate to try it and send us back your feedbacks about any problems you might encounter on our bug tracker or by email at

Download Scilab 5.5.0-beta 1

Consult the Release Notes