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What’s new in Scilab 5.3.1?

With this new version, Scilab users can discover improvements of usability, stabilization of current features and user experiences. New functionalities and Japanese version are available on Scilab embedded help.

Among bug fixes, improvements and new functionalities, note in particular:

New in the console

Scilab provides an on the fly rendering when a LaTeX expression is being typed.


Some performance improvements have been made for the display of long computation with a lot of output (before the more text was entered in the console, the slower was the display).

New in the editor

Scilab users can now export code to PDF, PS, EPS and RTF.

New in the Embedded help

A homepage has been added in the help browser to highlight the new features of Scilab and list the online available resources which might be interested for Scilab users when they look for help.

An incremental search bar to search for text in the browser was added.

In the functions help pages, many improvements have been conducted to facilitate the understanding and getting started of users:

  • Execution of any example in Scilab and edition in Scinotes
  • Execution of demonstrations
  • Opening of a Xcos diagram from the help browser
  • Links in between functions pages in the given examples

Scilab help is now also available in Japanese.

Discover the new functionalities of Scilab Embedded Help on video